Flat Roof watertight membrane installation Strathroy Ontario

This was a flat roof that had several compromises in the membrane that needed some expert work. There had been some splitting in the membrane due to freezing, thawing causing expansion which was causing the owner issues, a drain that wasn’t draining properly, and a huge gap under the drip flashing between the exterior brick wall and wood framing.

We had to create a new waterproof section of roof in an existing 4ply built up roof, so we had to remove the pea stone and get it all cleaned up to get good adhesion, remove the metal flashing and existing drain, install new sopaboard, and the watertight membrane, and then get the new roof and old flashing back on.

It came out great, and it will help the client’s building last for many more years, and we were able to save the client a lot of money by carefully reusing some of their existing material.

(it was a windy day, we apologise for the wind noise in the video!)

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