Garage 2ply Flat Roof Installation Services London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week Legacy Flat Roofing are in the south area of London Ontario near Wortley village, where we are part of a home addition project where the homeowner is installing a new garage. The contractor AJD Renovations who are an awesome company to work with have asked Legacy Flat Roofing to install a new 2 ply flat roof system on the roof, and provide them with beautiful new metal flashing. ADJ have done a great job getting the garage framed up, which we are excited about as the build quality of a flat roof substrate is so critical to the job going smoothly, and the flat roof being as effective as possible for the client in controlling the flow of water off the roof and away from the home.

There were some small details to work with, as this is an addition we have to work to tie the new structure into and against the home, and make sure it is completely waterproofed. You can see in the video the existing home where the tie in was, the walls were made of brick, and there was a stucco chimney so it was critical we do this properly. We install a wood trim around the perimeter so that we can create a very nice 90 degree tie in, and it provides an even surface to bring our first layer that goes onto the roof, the peel and stick water proofing membrane. A quality flat roof contractor will make sure to install a 1-2 layer of membrane around any tie ins to make sure no water can get into the home.

We used a stronger base sheet than normal, one that is a little thicker and more reinforced to give the roof as much durability and protection from the elements. This is a peel and stick base sheet, but instead of just overlapping the ends like we do with our usual product, these ends are welded together. When the cap sheet goes on, we then have two welded sheets. With the harsh Ontario weather, and this being more of a premium home build we wanted to make sure they had the best system we can give them.

With the base sheet on we installed metal flashing around the perimeter so that when the cap sheet goes on, the exterior is tied in beautifully and we are able to full control water off the roof and prevent any leaks. Then we installed the cap sheet in a black colour option at the client’s request. The cap and base were installed with a slight angle to make sure we get all the water off the roof with no pooling or extra weight or strain on the home. Then with the cap sheet on we put metal around the house tie in with the wall and chimney. We’re really happy with the way this one turned out!