Glencoe Ontario Factory Flat Roof Water Leak Repair

This week we were in Glencoe Ontario, working at a factory that is experiencing a few issues with water coming into the building envelope so Legacy Roofs were called in to get the building back on track.

The roof is a 4ply built up system, our job was to do a flat roof investigation and find the source of the water leaks. It appeared there were 3 issues the owner was dealing with:

  1. There seemed to be a split or crack in the flat roof that was leaking water.
  2. There is a section of concrete block cylinder wall where we have membrane coming up the wall and there is a leak that is letting water in and is running down the wall inside the building.
  3. There is an interesting detail where we have a metal roof with a coating on it and its leaking and we have to find where the leaks are and repair it.

Repair #1
We located a roof drain inside the building and paced out where the leak was coming from relative to the drain’s position, then we went up on the roof to investigate the location of the leak.

It was right around the seam so then we remove the gravel for the length of the seam to see how far the split goes we found the split and spudded it either sides so we have something to stick the mastic to. Basically this is a temporary repair the roof is in need of a full reroof, but we are buying the client a few years until they can prepare to do that.

We will use mesh and mastic repair for this section.

Repair #2
On the main floor below the owner is getting leaks down the block wall. He has a cap sheet where it looks like temporary repairs have been made before, what we did was remove the stone away from the wall and let the water dry off.

We thought about putting a new cap sheet on, but because of the rough condition of the roof, it looks like a reinforcing mesh and mastic repair with a bead of caulking along the top will work better.

We put a primer on the area we cleaned up to rejuvenate the roof for some repair work and it will accept the mastic a lot better this way. We put mastic down, then put mesh down, then put more mastic over the top, then we seal the block wall because my concern is that we are getting water coming through the block. We found evidence of that in parts of the roof so we wanted to eliminate all opportunities for that pesky water to get in. Once the pea stone goes back on we should have a solid water proof 90 degree angled detail.

Repair #3
We forgot to video it! Hey, we’re roofers, not Steven Speilberg! We will make sure we get this type of repair on video to you another time as we want you to see how we bought the client a few more years out of his roof until he is ready to make the investment of getting a new roof.