Goderich Residential Project Before & After Photos

This job is a follow up to the quote we gave here.

This building is a residential building on one side, and then a commercial business, a U Brew in Goderich Ontario. Check out the video of the project here.

This building had a 2 tier roof system, this season we are going to work on the lower tier, and then perhaps in the next season we will do the higher tier. It is about a 1000sqft job, a 2 ply modified system. We are going to go over the top of the existing roof, which is good as there will be no torching or hot asphalt involved, or tearing up the old roof.

We had to remove the old flashing and vinyl siding, and then we ran a new membrane up behind the siding to make it 100% water proof. We were very happy with the results, and so was our client. You can watch their video testimonial of our services here.

Goderich Residential Project Before & After

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