Grand Bend Ontario trailer leak – new flat roof installation and waterproofing

Hi everyone, we are in beautify Grand Bend Ontario this week, at a trailer park, where we are putting in a new roof system, and waterproofing other parts of the trailer.

The client contacted us to get some leaks taken care of. The client has tried to repair the roof with some DIY projects in the past, it looks like they put a painted ply coating on it in previously and it wasn’t working.

So because we have a decent foundation to work with, what we will do is clean it up, prime it, and install a granular cap sheet and metal flashing around the edges.

We are also going to install a single ply all sand layer to the canopy / overhang so it can be properly water proofed. It’s not an insulated space, it’s a porch with a fly screen over it, so the all sands is the perfect application for that surface to stop any water leaks. We use a polyurethane membrane to tie it into the new roof so now water, ice or snow can get underneath the transition and cause issues.

We have an air conditioning unit that we need to consider, and waterproof, as well as vents, and the section where the roof elevation changes as there have been some leaks in that area as well.

We installed a drip edge to stop the water leaking into the trailer, so we can control the way the water moves off the roof. Now the water can safely shed over the top of the metal flashing, onto the lower section of the roof, and off the roof entirely. We install the membrane over the top of the metal flashing, and all the way along the lower section of roof so it is completely water proof.

The client was very happy! You can hear their thoughts here.