Gutter and Eavestrough Cleaning Services London Ontario

Hi everyone, just another quick demo at a residential home in London Ontario, showcasing our latest service offering: eavestrough cleaning services.

Show you what the gutter looks like, we have a special tool that allows us to not have to climb ladders and get up onto the homeowners roof, which is safer for the crews, and safer for the homeowner’s property in general.

Cleaning eavestrough every year before winter is important as it takes all the junk out of the eaves, allowing the clean shedding of water from the roof system.

An eavestrough filled with debris causes a lot of weight on the roof, when it gets soaked and then freezes, it can cause issues with ice damming, and overflowing of water over the eaves and onto the soffits, and ice to back up underneath your shingles.

You can see how it works in the video and the tool we use – its very simple – we’re at a 2 storey house, using a special vacuum and a well engineered hose.

If you’re interested in eavestrough cleaning services please contact us via our website, we’d love to give you a quick quote and help you get ready for winter!