Heritage Church Building Flat Roof Restoration Alvinston Ontario

This week we were working on a pretty high flat roof at a church in Alvinston Ontario. The client had called Legacy Flat Roofing out to assist them with a re-roof of their flat roof. They had a very old 2ply system, and our plan is to go over the existing system with a brand new 2ply system. It’s a pretty small roof, 13’ x 13’, not a lot of detail, a hatch and some metal work to be done around the outside. The crew definitely worked closely together on this one 😉

The trickiest part about this project is actually getting the materials and tools up here, which required some ingenuity on the team’s part! The roof hatch is way too small to get anything up onto the roof.

We started this project by cleaning off the roof, and installing what is called a separation board. It’s a weldable base sheet that is peel and stick like the other materials we use for a base sheet, however it is a lot more durable, and the seams are heat welded, which creates a very durable and effective seal and separation from the old system. We also like it because it’s safe, no hot asphalt, no open flames. One that is on we install the metal, and then our cap sheet, which again is heat welded.

In the end we were really happy with how this turned out. We were thankful to be asked to work on this old historical building and help keep the building protected – this roof will hold up for at least 20 years and can withstand all of Ontario’s extreme weather, especially at that height!