How To Tie In A Flat roof With A Shingle Roof

This latest project was in early December in Lambeth Ontario for a residential home that had an existing sloped or shingled roof that needed to tie into a new flat roof that we had created.

This one took a lot of work, we had to clean off the snow and then melt the snow and get the roof dry so we could work on it!

We had to remove 2 courses of shingles so that we could create the transition in a way that even when the roof is covered with water, ice and snow that we would push the water away from the roof and of course make sure it has a water proof seal.

There was an area where the flat roof went under the existing soffit, so we had to close that area off with plywood, create a membrane over it, then put metal flashing over it to give it a nice clean look.

We think this was the best tie in to a shingled roof we have done so far, take a look at the video, and take a look at what our client had to say about it!

You can see what the client thought of our work in this video here.

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