Installing a New Duradek Vinyl Decking System in Central London Ontario

Hello Legacy Roofing fans – this week we were in Central London Ontario, working a residential home. The client had called in Legacy Roofing to install a Duradek Vinyl Deck system on their flat roof walk out deck in their backyard, located on their second floor.

The great thing about Duradek systems is the homeowner won’t have to install a wooden deck on their flat roof. Wood decks look nice when they are installed, but on a flat roof it doesn’t take long for them to get waterlogged, they start to lose their colour quickly, and don’t look nice in the long term. A Duradek system is bomb proof – it provides long last all weather enjoyment of their deck.

The contractor installed a fresh wood deck, and now our team is here to install the new vinyl deck system. We were thankful for the high quality work the framers had done, as you need a very well built and level frame and substrate to install a Duradek system on.

You may have seen this in our other videos, but we start off by mixing a concrete mixture and use the compound to create a smooth roof surface, and fill in the joints between to wood boards, to create a smooth finish for the Duradek system as the joint seams won’t be visible to the homeowner.

We bent up our metal flashing and installed that around the perimeter of the deck, then installed the Duradek system.

It’s hard to capture the installation process as it requires all of our focus, so we had to skip ahead to the finished product. You can see why it required focus, as we had to roof around a step, and bring the vinyl membrane up and underneath the shingles. A roofer will come along at a later point and install the remaining row of shingles.

Now the Duradek system is installed by our team, the contractor the homeowner is using will come in and put a safety rail around the deck.

The homeowner is going to enjoy a lot of lovely days out here, and a lot of coffee and tea we imagine!