Installing Flat Roof on Home Addition Downtown London Ontario

This week we are in downtown London at an absolutely beautiful spot with a great view.

The client is putting an addition on their home, and there is a flat roof section that they called Legacy Roofing out for. The client intends to put a deck over the top of their flat roof, so they have asked us to come in and make sure that we install a perfect flat roof system that is water proofed and sturdy.

Its a must-stage project, as once the deck is installed on the flat roof they will have columns installed, so our team have to return to the home and roof those columns in with a rubberized coating to provide a water tight seal and a solid finish around the columns.

The roof is small but there are a few details. There is a parapet detail that we need to fully enclose, and they have a Tyvek system on the wall.

We want to make sure our base sheet comes under the Tyvek so that if water does manage to penetrate the siding and goes onto the Tyvek surface that it runs down over the top of the membrane, not underneath so that the home is protected and the water can be controlled and sent away from the home.

This particular spot on a home is where a lot of snow and water will collect, so this is a a very important detail that many other flat roof companies tend to overlook at it is a bit of extra work, but saves the client in the end by protecting their home.

The wood deck was already installed for us on this project so that was a nice head start. We started off by putting down our primer – without primer the base sheet won’t adhere well to the wooden substrate. We then installed the base sheet, making sure we enveloped the parapet system so the membrane runs up and over the parapet so they can mount a railing system.

Now that the base sheet is down we put a drip edge metal flashing around the exterior fascia of the flat roof. On this project they home renovation will involve aluminum siding on the lower level, so we are going to install the metal flashing with a 3 inch gap so that the siding installers can bring the siding up under the flashing and then secure after the fact.

There was an opening for the door however we weren’t made aware of the final designs, so using some initiative we put the membrane up over the threshold of the door to make sure the transition is waterproofed.

We installed a 2 ply system on the roof, and we took care of the door transition with some alsans sealer and put some granulars down.

We think the client is going to love this deck, and we’re proud to be a part of her home renovation.