Insurance Claim Flat Roof Replacement in West London, Ontario

Hi everyone, this week the Legacy Flat Roof team were out in the West end of London, Ontario we are installing a new flat roof on a residential home, as part of a larger restoration project as part of an insurance claim. We were thankful to be hired by the restoration contractor for the flat roof installation.

There are two flat roof sections to on this home that we are working on, both the same size, on either side of the main entrance. Both of these are over the top of interior living spaces, so it’s important the flat roof installation is done properly, which was why Legacy Flat Roofing was called in.

The two flat roof sections were fairly small, which can come with its own challenges when working in such a small space, as we have to do a full tear out and install a 2ply mod bit system, with drain details and full metal work around the permitter.

It’s critical that the finishing touches are done well, as the home as a very beautiful aesthetic and we want to match that, and also both flat roof sections are by an exterior window, and anyone inside the home have a view of the flat roof, parapet and front drive way. The flat roof is also accessible to stand on.

As you can imagine our backs are a little tender working on this one, but we are really pleased with the way this turned out, and we know that this roof system will provide the homeowner a lot of peace of mind, it will be pleasing to the eyes, and just as important, it will protect their home from the elements.