Ipperwash Ontario Trailer Flat Roof Leak Repair

This week we were out in beautiful Ipperwash Ontario at a local trailer park. We were called in to assist a client with their flat roof. They have an existing metal pan roof, and a lot of the seams have deteriorated, which has been allowing water in, and they wanted it fixed!

You can see there is an add on to the main trailer – we find it is very common that where the two join there will be an issue, and the client was definitely having issues along that joint. On the add on section, there is a ribbed metal roof, attaching to the metal pan roof. These are always tricky to install and make sure its water tight. They are also challenging to maintain, and to repair, but Legacy Roofs are on the case!

You can see in the video the seam where the two buildings meet have completely opened up, and also on the main trailer flat roof section have water coming into the trailer, and in the metal pan we found holes, so this trailer definitely needed some work.

First step is to clean off the roof of all debris, make it as clean and dry as we can, and work on sealing the details.

Sometimes an area is too big to just apply the all sands material, we found that in some areas on the metal pan roof, the holes were too big, to the point where there is a split, so we placed a piece of reinforcement strip as you can see in the video. This stops the all sands material from dripping into the hole, which is pointless and won’t address the issue.

This was a very simple job this week but we wanted to show it to you. Homeowners can make these repairs themselves, as long as they use the right material for the job and apply it properly. But we do try to recommend professional services such as ours, as its safer, we have the tools, materials and experience to help you with your flat roof leaks.