Ipperwash Ontario Trailer Flat Roof Repair

This week we were in Ipperwash Ontario at a trailer park, doing some roof recovery work to a trailer.

You can see in the video we have shingles trying into a single ply membrane, but you can see clearly that the shingles are on too low of a slope and its not effectively shedding water. Shingles need to be installed on a roof system that has enough of an angle to get rid of the water.

We need to bring a new membrane flat roof system across the shingled surface so the water runs to the eavestrough properly and gets water away from the trailer.

We didn’t remove the shingles, we put a new substrate over the top of the shingles, and then a base sheet and then we flashed the edges. We pulled back the existing EPDM so we can create a surface where the water sheds off the trailer which is a little higher than the shingle surface.

We put the cap sheet on and heat welded it together (heat welding is activating the asphalt and fusing it together and becoming water tight).

A lot of people are concerned about leaking roofs on trailers, and they don’t know what to do about them. Some people think they have to replace their trailer, or have a trailer company come out and repair the leak. But using a flat roofing company such as Legacy Flat Roofs to come out and install a flat roof on your trailer is a great solution to get many more years out of your trailer and avoid damaging the trailer and your contents even further. Give us a call!