Ipperwash Ontario Trailer Park 1ply Mod Bit Roof Replacement

Hey everyone!

This week we were in Ipperwash Ontario, working on another trailer flat roof in a local trailer park. Word has been getting around about our other projects, which is one of our favourite compliments: client referrals!

The owner of the trailer needs a new roof put on their trailer. There was a metal deck on the roof, but it was having issues. Because the metal was nailed down to the wood deck surface, which of course would cause the metal flat roof and the wooden substrate would have holes in it, it was causing all sorts of issues in heavy rain or melting snow in the winter time.

The client removed the metal deck prior to our arrival, as you can see in the video they very nicely had it tarped off for us, so we took it down and got at it!

The trailer was a pretty good size, around 50’ x 10’ which was about 500 square feet.

That has been removed down to the wooden deck, so we are going to prime the wood surface and install 1ply cap sheet, and heat weld the seams. Because its a wood deck the substrate is very strong, it made it perfect to roof onto, so we were able to prime, base and cap right on top of the wooden roof deck.

The ac unit’s shield was removed, we used a resin application around the previous roof penetrations, and used a fully adhered peel and stick system. Once we installed the flat roof, and put metal drip flashing all the way around the edge of the trailer to control water flow and also create a nice appearance from ground level. We like our work to be functional and a little pretty! ?