Leaking Roof/Skylight Project

This client owned a nice home in North London, but was experiencing some leaking through his skylight, situated on the flat roof section of his home. He has some repairs completed in the past however they were not successful in fixing the leaking roof issue. He asked Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal for a quote, he was happy with what we said we would deliver and so we completed the job last week.

We removed the old shingles, placed down a sopaboard and membrane, being careful to place the membrane all around the skylight detail, making a 100% water tight seal so there would be no more issues. We also removed some shingles and put a base sheet underneath the shingles, put new shingles down so that there would be no leaks at all in this section. Click here for before and after photos.

Watch the end of the video where we ask the client what he thought of the quality, price and timeframe we completed this project in.

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