London Ontario New Flat Roof

This week were in the West area of London Ontario, working on a residential flat roof that desperately needed a new flat roof.

The flat roof was on a Florida room style part of the house, what we would call a simple project that would only take a day. There was vinyl siding on 2 sides of the roof, and eavestrough and drip flashing on the other 2 sides.

As we said, it was a simple flat roof project, however what makes this re-roof project was the condition of the flat roof. This may take the cake for the worst condition flat roof we have seen. We have seen a lot of bad roofs in our time, a lot of bad shingled roofs, but this one was in desperate need of a new flat roof as it is well past it’s life cycle.

You can see in the video the existing blue base sheet, there were tears in the roof all over, open seams, the rolled roof or cap sheet had shrunk, there was missing metal flashing around the edges by the siding.

So we cleaned up the surface, then applied a base sheet, and carefully adhered it. We brought that base sheet up and under the vinyl siding after taking a few rows off to get it higher so that wind, snow, and rain won’t get back up under the siding into the house.

We got a new cap sheet on, put back the siding after installing metal flashing and new drip edge flashing and eavestrough.

The client is going to be thrilled, they have a brand new clean and great looking roof with a perfect seal which will provide many years of protection for the home!