Mount Brydges Ontario Business Flat Roof Leak

Hi everyone, this week we were out in Mount Brydges Ontario, at building that is part residential, and part commercial, as the owner runs a business in a warehouse attached to the property.

The client called us in as the flat roof drain on the back of the warehouse had completely collapsed. Water had been penetrating the roof, which caused damage to the structure underneath and it gave way.

The client called Legacy Flat Roofs to come in, assess the flat roof, and get it fixed.

You can see in the video how the structural deck is deteriorating because of the water damage. You can see it from the top view that it has sunken down.

We are going to put a new piece of plywood in place to make the deck structurally sound, and raise the roof drain so it is in line with the parapet, and then start building on it and put new roof on top.

We had to cut the metal drip flashing to make the repair as we want to get the membrane up and underneath the drip flashing, so we will replace that to keep water from coming back in once the repair was made.

We sistered some of the roof joists to create a strong structure to put the new deck down.

We spudded the area around the damaged section. Spudding is a term used for clearing the existing roof around the new section, so that we can join the two seams, the old and the new roof, seal it up and not get any water coming back underneath the membrane into the next section of roof. We cleared the roof down to the felt, then we will prime it to reignite the old asphalt, then put in some base sheet

You can see once the drain was installed we put the first layer of base sheet, with the asphaltic primer down on the outside of the new section, on the inside over the top of the plywood we have a peel and stick base sheet. We then install a roll on primer over the base sheet to create a very sticky and adhesive surface, and we put the cap sheet over the top.

Fortunately we had great access to the drain, you can see the repairs we made to the substrate. The drain doesn’t run inside of the building, it is part of an overhang which runs onto another surface of the roof. We put a clamp coupling between the two drain lines creating a leak free system to get water off the flat roof.

We were able to fix the broken roof, seal up the area, install new metal flashing, and get the drain functioning again, buying the owner some time to figure out what the next steps are for their flat roof system and when they want it replaced.