New Commercial Flat Roof Installation London Ontario

This week we were in London, Ontario in the North West area of the city doing a brand new flat roof at a commercial property on Gainsborough Road. It’s a bigger project, a nice change for our team as we often focus on residential, however we are fully equipped for larger commercial flat roof repairs and installations.

The roof is about 4,000sqft, with a few details. It has a few drains, some sleepers that are unused so we are going to remove them. There is eavestrough details, we vents to work around, and some new metal flashing to install as well.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a lot of footage during the installation, and just jump to the end result, but we were so delighted with how this project turned out.

We cleaned up the existing roof of all debris, and fastened down a substrate called sopraboard.

This allows us to provide a proper firm foundation for the new flat roof. From there we installed a peel and stick base sheet, working around the drain details, vent stacks etc. Then we installed the new metal flashing to close up the outside of the roof. Face flashing went on the front of the building, drip flashing went on the back of the property to control water, and parapet flashing on the two sides of the building.

Once that was installed, then we primed the entire area with an adhesive, let it flash, then we we put down the cap sheet, and heat welded the seams.

A couple of different details were part of this project. A lot of our roofs have drains and scuppers on the outside of the building, this roof had two internal drains. That means the water is removed from the roof internally through pipes inside of the building. To ensure the drain works properly, we install a flange once the base sheet has been installed. The drain flange ties into the internal pipes, then we install the cap sheet, and use an alsans polyurethane bitumen-based waterproof coating to keep the drain strong and sealed over the extreme Canadian conditions.

Another feature was three vent stacks. There was a redundant electrical line, and as we aren’t electricians, rather than tracing the lines in the building and pulling out cables, we sealed the cabling and the vent up with the alsans material. There was a hot air stack and a hot water tank stack, and we roofed them.