New Flat Roof Install for Fire Damaged Building Restoration

Hi everyone, this week we were out at a commercial building out in Wallaceburg, Ontario. The client contacted Legacy Flat Roofing to install a brand new flat roof. Most clients call us out because their flat roof has aged out, or has leaks, unfortunately there was a fire at this building, and some major restoration work is being done on the building to get it up and running again.

The general contractor overseeing the restorative work removed the flat roof deck, and installed a brand new roof and substrate, and removed all the materials from the wall details around the permitter of the building for us to come in and do our flat roof installation.

It’s a fairly straightforward project, all in all its a 2000 square foot rectangular flat roof install with a new new deck that is perfectly sloped towards the back of the building. We’re going to install a 2ply mod bit flat roof system as they are highly effective, budget friendly, easy to maintain, and when it’s time to replace the system, you can roof right over it, saving a lot of money. There is a block wall on the permitter that we need to install a waterproof membrane and tie that into the other existing roof, and we have some metal flashing and eavestrough to install.

We kicked things off by cleaning the wood deck one more time to get rid of any debris, then we put down a roll on adhesive, let that set for a while to make sure it has maximum adhesion, then we installed our peel and stick waterproof membrane, taking care to overlap the seams. It was a slightly complex process on one side as we had to tie our roof into the the neighbouring tenants membrane.

On the side there is a small wall detail with a terracotta stone cap, we don’t want to move those so we had to get our membrane up as close to those as we could to make sure the wall detail was waterproofed. We held that in place by installing a termination bar on the concrete to ensure the membrane stays in place.

Because the building has an unconditioned air space we installed attic vents. What can happen in an unconditioned space is you have a risk of condensation and rot, so these vents allow air to circulate and move inside their attic.

We’re quite pleased with this system and we know it’s going to be highly effective. We’re also very grateful when we are entrusted by a client with a flat roof project and we aim to go the extra mile and use quality materials and workmanship, and work on the project like it’s our own roof we are working on. If you ever need flat roof work done, please reach out to our team at Legacy Flat Roofing!