New Flat Roof Installation Carport London Ontario

Well, we finally had one cool week before summer ends. This had to be one of the most humid summers we’ve experienced! (which was good as it forced us to shed some of those Covid pounds over the winter!)

This week we were in the North end of London, Ontario, for what we would call a pretty straightforward flat roof project.

The flat roof was over a carport / garage, it wasn’t a climate controlled spot, it was an open canopy for the homeowner to park vehicles. The roof was deteriorating, the home owner contacted us before any significant issues developed with leaks etc.

There was a shingle detail on one side, a small masonry detail with some metal flashing where the canopy attached to the brick home, some flashing on one side and an eavestrough on the other.

Upon inspecting the roof we decided that we weren’t going to remove the existing flat roof, as the roof was in good enough condition to install right over the top. This also saved the client a lot of money in labour without any compromise on quality.

We installed the new board to create a strong substrate, and installed a water proofing base sheet. We used peel and stick as its safer for the homeowner, and safer for the wood structure.

You can see the red adhesive primer we use in the video, we just apply this with a roller, then allow it to flash or dry for a bit of time to increase its effectiveness in sticking the cap sheet we will place on top of it.

The project came out looking amazing. This doesn’t happen to us most of the time, but the shingles were lower than the flat roof, so we were able to put metal flashing down, and then apply the cap sheet over the top, allowing for great water control and shedding, and no need to modify, remove or replace the existing shingles. It also adds a great look (we love metal flashing!)

The masonry detail received new metal flashing too.

If you need any flat roof repair work, or a new flat roof, please give us a call!