New Flat Roof Installation for Wood Deck in West London, Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were working on a residential flat roof in the West end of London Ontario, just outside of the downtown area.

Unfortunately we were so focused on this project that we forgot to a lot of video to show you the before shots, go over the issues the homeowner was having, and how we installed a new flat roof. So you hit the ground running so to speak, as you join us on this project, as a lot of the substrate, priming and peel and stick base sheet had been installed.

Regardless, the reason Legacy Flat Roofing were called out was the client had two flat roof sections that were starting to give them issues. You can see in the video the one flat roof section is a walk out deck, which was covered by an awning. The issue with the awning, as well as the great shade provided by the surrounding trees was that it created a very damp situation on the roof. With the roof beginning to deteriorate, Legacy Flat Roofing were called out to replace this flat roof to prevent any damage to the home with water leaks.

The video captures our process quite well considering we kicked it off partway through the project. We had to remove the deck boards, and put down what we refer to as a recovery board – basically we check the exiting roof structure to make sure its dry and intact, then we build a brand new substrate so we have a firm foundation for a new roof system. Then we install a peel and stick base sheet. We started with the lower roof first, so that when we built the substrate on the upper section we can make sure that the entire flat roof is waterproofed properly and we can control the flow of water off the roof.

The lower section had a drain so we ensured the roof gently sloped towards the drains, and on the upper section we ran the water towards the eavestroughs. It’s vital to create a flat roof system that has no pooling of water, we want it to leave the flat roof as quickly as well can, especially if there is a wood deck in play, as that will go back onto the roof once the project is completed.

Once the base sheet was installed, we put in the metal flashing and details around the drains. Then we primed the base sheet with a roll on adhesive, and then put down the cap sheet and heat welded the seams.

It’s a small project, but we’re really proud of the way this one came out, and we think the homeowner will be thrilled as they can now safely extend the deck further out and get a lot more enjoyment out of this nice little spot, knowing that they had a professional flat roof installation that will last them for many, many years to come.