New Flat Roof Installation over Car Garage Alvinston Ontario

This week as we enter the fall season we were out in Alvinston Ontario, a beautiful town about an hour South West of London Ontario.

For this project we are at a home and we are installing a brand new flat roof over a carport. Carports or garage flat roof projects are a little easer to work on, as we don’t typically have to worry about things such as installing a vapour barrier or insulation like we do on a flat roof system where there is an actual living space inside. What we do have to ensure is that the system is water proof and water tight.

This carport was an addition to an existing house, so there were some issues that we needed to addressed, as there appeared to be some separation between the home and the carport addition which was a big source of water leaks.

There was a flat roof originally so we had to clean the entire roof off, then conduct a flat roof inspection to make sure there were no issues with the wooden deck. We did see that there had been some leaks in the past, and so parts of the wood deck were rotted out, so we had to remove those and frame in some new plywood. Then we installed a new substrate (that’s the black panels with the white washers you see at the start of the video).

You can see how the project turned out, it was a shorter video than normal as we had to hustle to get this one closed out, but we did want to highlight one quick part, and that was the transition from the home to the garage. Originally there was a big gap where the transition was between to the two sections of the home. We closed the area in with aluminum framing, then installed a base sheet and cap sheet, and then added more protection with a mastic and a rubberized polyurethane coating to seal it all off.

The whole roof was capped off with drip flashing and new eavestrough at the front of the carport to ensure water is quickly removed from the roof. Overall we’re really pleased with the way this project turned out and we know the homeowner will have years of hassle free enjoyment of their carport!