New Flat Roof Installation Sarnia Ontario

This week we did a two day job on a 800sqft flat roof in Sarnia Ontario.

It’s a simple install, but with a lot of details, including drains, flashing and vent details.

We had to install a new roof on the entire roof, but fortunately for the customer, upon our inspection of the roof (we offer roof inspections as a service), the insulation underneath the roof was dry so all we had to do was clean the roof off, get rid of the stone and dirt.

There was an old patch that we had put on the roof, but due to the quality of the felt the patch didn’t work, so it was time to redo the entire roof.

First we installed sopraboard, 1/8” thick, which is made of asphalt and fibreglass. Using a new substrate saves the cost of tearing off old roof and possibly damaging the insulation.

The project turned out great, and this new flat roof should last around 15-20 years.