New Home Build Flat Roof & Metal Roof Installation in Bayfield Ontario

Last week we were out in beautiful Bayfield Ontario, working on a brand new house, right by the shores of Lake Huron. The client gave the Legacy Flat Roofing team the opportunity to work on this project, which admittedly stretched our imagination as to how to come up with a design that would be effective and pleasing to the client.

There are 5 flat roof surfaces on this log home, 2 are using a 2 ply flat roof system, and the other 3 sections are getting a metal roof. They say change is as good as a holiday, and having a metal roof to install was a nice change for our team. We don’t do a lot of metal roofs, but we are experts in it, which is why we are called Legacy Flat Roofing AND Sheet Metal ;)

We were there for about 6 days on this job. The first wave of work was to install tapered insulation on the 2 flat roof sections. The substrate is a brand new wood deck, and the design requires a tapered flat roof system so that no water will be left standing on the structure after rain or snow/ice thawing etc so the insulation had to taper towards the centre of the roof where drains will be installed.

For this we used a special product we don’t really use a lot just because of client budget constraints as well as building design, but this client wanted to make sure their big investment is completely protected. We install the insulation loosely on the wood deck, then we loosely place down sopraboard, then we test the sloped design, making sure the water runs to the centre of the roof where we will have a roof drain installed. Once we are satisfied that everything is the way we want it, then we secure the insulation, and mechanically fasten sopraboard protection boards down.

From there the plan is to put down a peel and stick membrane, making sure we bring the membrane up the sides where flashing will eventually be installed, those are heat welded, and then finally our peel and stick cap sheet, with heat welded seams. This system, called a 2ply mod bit flat roof system, provides hot/cold protection for the home, and rock solid waterproof and weather proof protection for the home.

For 3 other sections we are using a snap lock on metal roof, which is a really high end product. We were fortunate that the general contractor already installed membrane prior to our team arriving on site, which saved time. These come in 36 feet long sheets, which we like as the less seams the better in a metal roof. These are a little simpler than the flat roof system, this material doesn’t require strapping, it is fastened right into the wood deck. There are still vent stack details to work around, but when the main pieces are down, and then we finish off the metal work around the permitter, it gives our team a surge of dopamine as the metal roof just looks fantastic.

We are so thrilled with the way this project turned out – we are hoping at some point to swing by again just to see how the whole home turned out in the end, but we have a busy summer ahead of us so we shall see.