New Residential Flat Roof for Patio Downtown London Ontario

Hello again everyone!

This week we shot a quick video in one of our projects, this time in Central London Ontario, close to the downtown core. Perfect cooler weather for doing some flat roofing work, especially after the long hot summer!

We were working on a residential home that had a flat roof which needed to be removed and redone, as the client was looking to put a deck on the flat roof as they had access from an upstairs bedroom. The client planned to create a nice patio area and spend a lot of time up there. That meant the roof has to be water proof, and it has to sustain the weight of a deck.

We seem to say this a lot – it’s a small project, but not an easy one, as there were a few tricky spots. There was a door threshold detail, as well as the drip flashing transition from the masonry to the flat roof, some drip edge flashing around the perimeter of the roof as well, all fairly straightforward.

The interesting detail was the white wooden posts that were coming up out of the roof surface. They weren’t fastened to the roof structure from the outside, they were fastened underneath the roof. To remove them would have meant having to go into the home, and tear out the ceiling to get at the place the posts were fastened to the underneath of the roof!

The solution was to work around the posts, but before we did that, we waterproofed the wooden posts where it transitions into the flat roof system and a few inches above (to protect against frost, ice and water) by using a granular polyurethane sealant, which protects the wood, and disguises the colour of the sealant.

Once that was done, we created the new strong substrate using sopaboard, then we got down our base sheet and cap sheet. We went with a 2ply modified bitumen product for this job. Then we finished it off with nice new drip edge flashing, and metal flashing for the masonry.

It was a long day, but we know the client is going to be thrilled and get many years of relaxation up on their new patio!