New Roof Installation Kerwood Ontario

This past weekend we were out in Kerwood Ontario, just south of Strathroy, at a farm property. We were called in to replace a roof that was about 10 years past it’s life cycle. It had received a few repairs in that time, but now it was time for an overhaul, Legacy was asked to install a new roof.

The roof was in pretty rough shape, with dirt, plants beginning to grow on it, some mud too, which we cleaned off. There were two homemade drains on the roof, so we installed some insulation underneath to give the home more R-Value, but to also provide a grade that would point the water towards those drains so there would be no more pooling of water (and no more plants!)

We installed new flashing, and were careful on this home to make the water that came off the flashing avoid the bricks so that this century home’s brickwork would last a lot longer.

The job only took one day, but we were very proud of how it came out. Check out what the our client thought of the project here.

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