New Roof Quote & Inspection – Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal

We were called in to provide a quote for a landlord who was having new tenants move into the building. There has been some leaking in through the existing roof, and we were asked for a low cost patch job.

Upon inspecting the roof we saw that a patch job would not give adequate protection from water, and we would not be able to provide a warranty for our work. So we inspected the roof further and quoted a full roof replacement. We suggested that we do one half of the roof this year, and the other half next year to spread out expenses for the owner.

Take a look at this video, and take careful note of how the HVAC unit is placed on top of the roof, how the signage placed around the edges of the building have affected the membrane, and has made getting flashing and a good seal around the edges of the roof a challenge. But if we had a middle name, “Challenge-Master” would be it!