Patio Door Leak on 1ply Flat Roof Deck in Blenheim Chatham Ontario

This week we were in Blenheim Ontario, its a small town just south of Chatham Ontario.

We were at a clients home. Today is a little different compared to our normal residential flat roof repairs. Today we are working on a single ply membrane system, we are not used to seeing that. What is happening is the roof has recently been redone, its a deck patio in the back, and they had a new door installed.

The client is constantly experiencing leaks under the door and is leaking water into the bedroom floor, and water leaks into the kitchen below on the first level of the house. We have been asked to come in and see how we can seal up the leak in the door and stop water from coming into the home. It doesn’t leak every time it rains, it tends to be when there is a driving rain, which indicates to us that the side jams of the door or the seals haven’t been effectively waterproofed.

They replaced the door, it still leaked, they redid the roof, and it still leaked. The previous roofing company did a good job, they brought the membrane up high underneath he flashing. So it definitely seems to be an issue with what is in behind the door.

We took off the trim, so we can see the old felt and wood siding board. The threshold looked ok, we took the flashing to see that and it looked good. We could see rust on the top of the door which meant water was coming in. We nailed down the mold piece around the frame as it was open and water was able to get in.

Our goal is to prime this and seal the area after putting some spray foam in the door frame and walls to for water proofing and to keep it from getting too cold. The peel and stick membrane will shed water if any gets in behind the siding and off onto the roof. We put additional metal flashing behind the siding on the wall in case any water gets through.

We are confident that we have eliminated the leaks in their home and stopped the water coming in, so they can enjoy their patio and keep their home dry!