Re-Roof Flat Roof project London Ontario

This week we had a small project on a residential house in the East side of London, Ontario.

There were two flat roof sections, one on the front of the house covering the porch, around 200sqft, and then a back section covering some interior space, 4ff x 20ft.

On the front section we placed a separation layer between the old roof surface and the new roof. There were some wet sections of plywood so we cut that out and replaced it with new plywood so we could save the client some money and not compromise the roof.

You can see in the video how we then put a new surface on the roof. We cover the roof with sopaboard which we screw onto the roof. Then we added a solvent based adhesive which we rolled onto the sopaboard, then we applied the adhesive again, apply a base sheet, then we applied the cap sheet. The cap sheet is a peel and stick granulated cap sheet, which we weld the seams using a heat gun to melt the seams together and give a water tight seal.

This was a heritage home, so there were some wood details that we had to remove from the brick to work on the roof, and then place back very carefully.

The wall detail on the front section required some special attention. What can happen when it rains is water runs down the walls, and leaks can go in between the wall and the new membrane. Just have a membrane running up against the wall with some caulk is how a lot of flat roof companies transition the roof to the wall, but at Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we put a metal drip edge flashing over the top of the membrane and then caulking that, for extra protection.

The smaller section of roof at the back was so small we couldn’t really get much video of it, the task was similar, with the addition of a small detail by the door, there was a gap which we had to fill with a polyethylene all sands system.

All in all you can see how great the details turned out, we managed to get the roof on before the weather hit, and this roof will last the client a long time!

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