Repair Holes in Flat Roof Cap Sheet London Ontario

This week we decided to post about a very small project we did, a small cap sheet repair, in a residential home in London, Ontario.

The client had a granular cap sheet, and the client literally has a pin hole in cap sheet in two spots, in one you can see the metal work coming through the cap sheet.

A heads up for all homeowners out there – make sure you always get 3 quotes on your flat roof, and here’s why – we have seen in the industry that some companies would recommend in a situation like this that you get a hole new roof when you don’t need to.

The best bet is to get a company who would take the time to do some proper investigation of the roof, take the time to find the leaks and repair them, which will save you thousands of dollars.

The story with our project today was the client reached out to us, and said my roof is leaking, I need a brand new flat roof. However when we inspected the roof, we found we could save the client a lot of money by being honest, and only doing what is required, as their roof looked to be in good shape and could last them another 5-8 years.

At Legacy Flat Roofing, integrity is very important to us – we only provide the solution that is best for the client, and we trust that mindset will net us long term customers, and a lot of trust in our community. We were delighted to help out this homeowner by saving them money on their flat roof leak.

To repair the holes, we made sure to properly dry the cap sheet. If its not dry, we won’t get good adhesion with the patch. You can see the colour change on the cap sheet as we dry it.

We used a poly bitumen resin based product – almost like an elastic coating, adheres well to cap sheet, and will hold for a long time. Sometimes homeowners attempt DIY patches on their roofs, but the cheaper products delaminate from the cap sheet over time and leave you in the same spot as before. So make sure you always use the right product, even if you’re doing it yourself.

Easy one this week – but we felt this one was important enough to post about. If you have a leak in your flat roof, and you’re in the SW Ontario area, make sure to reach out to Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal.