Residential 4ply built up flat roof replacement Glencoe Ontario

This week we were out at a beautiful home in Glencoe Ontario.

This was our biggest residential project of the summer! It took us a couple of weeks working a couple of days at a time. The entire home had multiple flat roofs, over their living area, kitchen, shop and garage. It was an existing 4ply built up roof, and the entire system needed replacing with a 2ply modified bitumen system.

We are big fans of the 2ply system as they are easier to maintain, easier to detect any leaks further down the road if they happen to appear, and you an actually install another 2ply system right on top of it if the roof is in good shape.

We worked on tackling each section at a time to make sure the home was protected in case of any wet weather.

For each section we carefully cleaned off the surface of the 4 ply system removed the pea stones, removed any debris, and checked for any weaknesses in the roof before we moved ahead.

We fastened a new substrate, using Soprema sopraboard then we installed a peel and stock base sheet. We had to wait for the early morning dew to evaporate once the sun hit is, as it is absolutely critical that the base sheet is completely dry. If its not dry, the primer will not apply very well, or work as an adhesive, and the moisture trapped under the cap sheet will cause issues later, and it will cause the membrane to have pockets of air underneath the flat roof.

There was one section of the flat roof that was next to some siding. We removed a few rows of the siding, and brought our base sheet and membrane up about one foot along the wall. We finished that part off with some new metal flashing for a water tight and weather proof seal.

Once the cap sheet is applied, we installed an elastomeric material around the washroom and dryer vent stacks, and along the chimney for a final water tight seal.

You can see in the video how the project came out – we’re really excited at the results, and we know the homeowner will have a solid, stable and effective flat roof for years to come!