Roof repair leak Nilestown Ontario

Today we are in Nilestown Ontario, which is just east of London Ontario.

We are at the Middlesex EMS unit, station number 10.

They have reported a leaking roof, they removed the interior ceiling tile, and about 30 feet back from the front and 15 feet from the side of the building there water coming in.

We went up and inspected the roof and found an open seam in the 4ply built up system. We removed the stone (we call it spudding), the crack was huge, we got everything back to the original felt so that we could repair the seam, and then tie the new section back into the old roof.

You can see the snow and rain and ice in the video, the roof was damp and cold so we had to use a propane torch to evaporate the water and reactivate the asphalt.

We put on a rubberized primer, let it sit, then patched the roof. It came out great and it should protect the building from further water damage, and it saved the client a ton by not having to replace the roof.

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