Rotten 4ply Flat Roof System Tear Out London, Ontario

The team this week was working at a commercial building on Wharncliffe Road in London Ontario.

We have a wonderful client, allowed us to do a job with an existing 4 ply roof that had aged out and was experiencing issues with leaks, and was concerned about water damage inside the building. This project was a little longer than most, we were there for about a week working on this project.

A lot of times during a flat roof inspection we can see that the existing roof is good enough to install what is referred to as a recovery board, which is essentially a new substrate that gets installed over the existing flat roof system. Unfortunately for the client, and as you can see in the video there is a lot of damage to the deck. With rotten wood decking, parts of it breaking off etc. The existing deck was existing deck is OSB particle board, which is a bad application as it generally does not react well to moisture. The roof was so bad that contractors were putting their feet through the roof! So this project began with tearing out a lot of the wood deck, hiring a framer to frame up the roof, and installing new plywood.

Once the deck was suitable, we installed a 2ply mod bit flat roof, and the video started with us partway through this process. We start by putting a primer on the entire roof, then installing a peel and stick base sheet. There was a lot of detail on the roof to work around, and to keep costs down for the client, we didn’t disconnect or lift up the AC unit, we worked around all of the gas lines, drains, exhaust vents etc.

With all of the base sheet down, and with it installed 1-2 feet up around the walls and on any details such as the AC unit pad, we then started installing the metal flashing. We want to install the membrane up as high as we can to create a water proof seal to protect the roof and the building. A fun and tricky project because of the details. Then we started laying down the cap sheet and heat welding that as we went in the areas that were clear to work, as we are trying to beat the weather and maximize our time and effectiveness to get the job done on time.

You can see how the project came out in the end, we were proud of this project. The client was in dire need of a new roof, and we are glad they chose Legacy Flat Roofing. If you’re in the Southwest, Ontario area we’d love to hear from you.