Sarnia Ontario Residential Home Flat Roof Shingle Tie-in

This week we were in Sarnia Ontario during one of the most humid weeks we’ve had this summer! 28 degrees, feels like 42. Great day to be up on a roof! Luckily for us this home was near the water front of Lake Huron, so the super hot day was made a little livable thanks to the lake breeze.

This project was doing a flat roof on a residential home, about 700 square feet. Most of the clients issues are right at the shingle detail where it meets the flat roof.

The roof is also showing some signs of age, so it needs replacing. There’s a chimney we need to roof around, an eavestrough detail, and of course the flat roof and shingle tie-in.

We put recovery board over the top of the roof to create a solid substrate to install the new roof on. It was a built up roof system, so we left it in place. Removing the material can sometimes cause more damage, such as possibly ripping off the sheathing or something else. The underlying insulation and older barriers also provide a great foundation to build on, as it adds even more layers to the roof for a great seal.

We removed the first 3 rows of shingles, then we primed the substrate and put our base sheet over the top of that and onto the angled roof detail where the first few three rows of shingles were. Then we will install new shingles over the top of the new membrane, so that in the winter ice damns and melting snow cannot get up under the shingles.

We put a new drip flashing around the edge of the roof which sandwiches the cap sheet and base sheet in around the trough edge of the roof. We fasten it down, prime it and put the base and cap sheet under it so that again in the winter, ice and water can’t get into the seams of the roof.

The roof was a built up roof system when we arrived, and we turned it into a 2ply mod bit, which in our opinion is a much stronger and long term roof system for residential or commercial buildings. The great thing about the 2ply system is if in the future there’s a roof leak, finding the seams and therefore finding the issue is very quick, vs moving around pea stones looking for perforations in the roof membrane. And its much easier to repair.

All in all the roof turned out great. Sometime later this fall the client is getting the shingles completely redone, protecting their entire building envelope.

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