Save money on flat roof repair Sarnia Ontario

This Canada long weekend we were busy working out in Sarnia Ontario, working on a residential flat roof system.

I brought my special helper along for the ride with me this time (make sure you leave him a comment to say hi!).

We were working on a regular 4ply built up roof with pea stones on it. The client had been complaining that the roof was allowing water into their house, they originally thought it was a leak in the walls, but upon inspection it was a section of roof that was letting in water. You can actually see in the video there was a spot in the membrane that I could literally put my hand into, and it was damp with the water we had just been having in South Western Ontario.

We cleaned off the pea stones and cleaned the roof down to the felt, we reactivated the old asphalt so we could put the new asphalt on, to make sure we had a great seal on the roof. Then we installed the sopaboard and base sheet, and then the new membrane.

This is a great way to save money instead of having to repair a whole roof, just repair a section and you can save a ton. If you are concerned about your roof and want an honest recommendation, by all means give us a call as we would love to talk to you and see if Legacy Flat Roofing can help.