Should I use a metal roof or flat roof?

We were on a job this week in Kirktown Ontario, doing a residential job on a 2 storey home.

The home had a 4 ply flat roof and then the homeowners had a metal roof put over the top of the 4 ply system, but the slope of the roof wasn’t enough to keep water from running off the roof, so at the back of the house the roof was taking in water.

You can see in the video that the steel roof had been bent around the parapet as a flashing detail, which didn’t look too bad, but wasn’t effective in running water off the roof.

TIP: When deciding between a metal roof or a fat roof system, always make sure that if you want to put a steel roof down that you have an extreme enough angle on the slope that water runs straight off the roof and doesn’t pool and linger. In this case a metal roof was a bad choice for the homeowner.

So our 2 day project was to remove the steel roof completely, and put on a new modified bitumen roof.

The steel came off fairly easily, in parts of the video you can see that the steel wasn’t overlapped properly, which caused some damage to the aspenite substrate so we replaced those sections of the roof.

We started our new roofing system above the aspenite board, we primed it, put a base sheet on, primed the base sheet and then put the cap sheet on and heat welded the seams to give us a 100% water tight seal on the flat roof.

We put a new eavestrough on the side of the home with a gutter guard as well, to save leaves getting into the eavestrough year round. All in all the project turned out great!

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