Skylight Repair and Flat Roof + Shingle Tie-In North London Ontario

First video of the year!

Its early spring in Canada, there is still frost on the ground, and this week we were out in a residential area in the North end of London Ontario, working on a home.

This project involved a flat roof, 2 skylights, with a shingle roof tie in, as well as a little surprise as we began our project. A lot of intricate details in today’s project.

The main issue we found from our inspection was that the flat roof base membrane didn’t come high enough off into the shingles, so the area where the shingles touch the flat roof are poorly done. The client is getting an ice dam, the ice is backing up into the shingles and melting into their kitchen and living room area. So we removed two rows of shingles and carried the membrane up higher so that in the winter it is actually protecting their home from ice and water and damming.

We put recovery board down, base sheet and then cap sheet, and finished all the detail around the skylights. We roofed in the skylights, took the glazing off, roofed them in properly and get them sealed up. We were able to put new flashing over the top of a new water proof base sheet which secured them from water and snow and ice.

When removing the step flashing we noticed the detail wasn’t done correctly, it seemed like whoever was working on the roof previously tried to cover up many of the holes with caulking and the detail was poorly done. The water proofing was not installed correctly, causing more water issues for the home during the middle of winter or during a heavy rain. Water was getting into the house this way, so we sealed up the area to address this issue. Our repair ensured that water would shed properly off the roofs, into the eaves, and not into the homeowner’s home!

We also created a “sacrificial flashing” down the side of the detail between the shingles and the wall detail, there is flashing underneath the shingles which is our water proofing flashing, and then we installed flashing acting like a valley to quickly handle the water. A little extra piece of peace of mind.

We didn’t get enough time to film the whole day as the days were short and we were pretty rushed! But we were really happy with the way the project came out, the client is going to have a water proof flat roofing system again!