Springfield Ontario Home Flat Roof Installation with Metal Roof Tie In & Hatch Detail

Hi everyone, this week we were in Springfield Ontario doing a flat roof section on at the peak of a beautiful metal roof. Unfortunately after a careful inspection we could see that the flat roof section has passed its usefulness, even after many attempts at patching the roof, and now it needs to be replaced entirely.

It’s a fairly straight forward project as the roof substrate is strong and dry with no leaks compromising the system, so we will get the entire flat roof area cleaned off, and then we will put down our waterproof peel and stick base sheet membrane, which means we don’t have to screw anything into the roof as we don’t need a new substrate, and finish it off with a 2ply cap sheet.

There was a small roof hatch detail that needs to be roofed in, you can see in the video that its also past its prime in spite of previous attempts to repair it, so we are going to do a proper repair that will last just as long as the new roof.

Once the base sheet was installed we could install new metal flashing, which we use to tie the flat roof into the metal roof system for a nice look, and to control water off the roof. We made sure to get the base sheet membrane up and under the curb of the roof hatch to make sure no snow, ice or water build up can creep into the hatch area, as the homeowner had reported it was a source of leaks when they called us out.

The flat roof is 4 stories high, so that means it’s going to experience a lot of extreme weather so we wanted to make sure we sealed this detail up nice and tight. As a bonus we installed the cap sheet over the top of the roof hatch.

If you’re in the south-western Ontario area and you need help with your commercial or residential flat roof we’d love to hear from you!