St. Thomas Ontario Flat Roof Leak and Eavestrough Cleaning

Hi everyone, we are in St. Thomas Ontario this week working on a residential flat roof. We have a flat roof leak, and the client requested that their eavestrough get cleaned out, now that the fall season is upon us.

The flat roof leak is a bit tricky to work on, the client has had several companies come out to try to detect where the leak is coming from, and they were unable to. We were able to trace it, it’s higher than the roof area.

The flat roof is over a garage – there were some areas that were suspect, but what we noticed during our flat roof inspection was a pole that goes through some siding. We noticed some J-trim and saw a slight gap in the siding. A lot of mastic has been applied over the area, most likely in the hopes of stopping the flat roof leak.

We came by a few days previous to do a water test, and we noticed that the water was coming in behind the wooden detail, and coming in through the j-trim on the siding. The water was coming in behind the siding, and getting into the garage underneath.

We are going to apply some sealant and some all sands, and repair the base to make sure that is nice and tight. We did notice some pin hole sized holes in that base of the wooden post, so we will apply mastic again, seeing as there is mastic on that area.

We used clear caulking, as it is hard to get a perfect match with siding, especially siding that is older. We didn’t want to use mismatched sealant as the wooden detail does face the street, so we want to make it look nice for the homeowner.

Another part of the scope was to clean out the eavestrough – eavestrough cleaning services is something that Legacy Flat Roofs offer. The client has a large tree next to the house, so we are going to clean that out. We are going to use our shop vac with our special attachments to clean that out. This method is safe, it doesn’t require the use of any ladders leaning on gutters etc. This will help the client keep from having any issues once the ice and snow start building up during winter.