Strathroy Ontario 4 Seasons Sun Room Flat Roof Leak

This week we were out in Strathroy Ontario… during a heatwave!

We received a call from a residential client who owns a 4 season sunroom, which was designed to be used all year around. Unfortunately for the client the roof has been leaking.

It didn’t take us long to find out why – the sunroom has a flat roof, however shingles were installed on it. The design of shingles are meant for shedding water, not hold it, shingles do not serve the same purpose as a flat roof membrane, so we are going to fix it by putting a flat roof over that surface.

It requires tying in the existing shingled roof to the new flat roof membrane.

We removed the singles on the angled roof up to the third course, we are going to bring our flat roof membrane up and under those shingles, and then put new shingles back so the water sheds properly back to the troughs and get water off the roof quickly.

On the side we have a vent stack from a washroom, so we are going to roof around that detail.

As you cannot simply roof right over the top of shingles without a proper treatment of the roof surface, we had to secure new boards down to create a strong substrate to enable us to install the flat roof.

For this residential flat roof project we used a 2 ply modified bit self adhered membrane. The benefit to that as a homeowner is because most of the structures in residential homes are wood, not torching a roof or having a 400 degree kettle near the home is a lot safer and prevents any unwanted damage (aka fires!). Every homeowner should use 2 ply self-adhered membranes. Your insurance company will thank you for it!

We primed the board, put base sheet, cap sheet, and then the flat roof, and finish it off with a nice metal drip edge around the perimeter of the sunroom.

We are really happy with the way it came out, now the roof looks as beautiful as the inside of the sunroom! Now 4 dry seasons of enjoyment for our client!