Strathroy Ontario Trailer Home Roof Leak & New Flat Roof Install

This week we were in Strathroy Ontario, at a large trailer park. We had been called in as a trailer owner was having some small issues with water leaks, and they had another request. They asked us to provide a new flat roof that will last a long time, so that when the current owner sells the trailer a few years from now, the new owner will get a quality flat roof with their new trailer.

We couldn’t believe how amazing the weather was this week for only being a week away from October, conditions were perfect for some flat roof work!

This project was just over 900sqft, there was an overhanging extension or porch, a couple of penetrations (vent stacks), and some metal work to be done around the perimeter of the roof. Because this isn’t like a traditional flat roof you’d find on a commercial or residential building, we had to change our work flow and materials a little.

The existing flat roof, a liquid applied membrane, had worn down almost right down to the bare metal. We cleaned the surface off, getting all the dirt and grit and roof pieces off, then we primed the metal pan roof using a roll on application, which you can see in the video. We prime the roof, then give it time to flash or set.

You can see in the video what can happen to mastic over time if it’s not maintained. Mastic is a great way to provide a leak fix or some patch work on a roof, but over time it will dry out and crack. You can see in the video the cracks around the vent stack which was over the top of a bathroom. When the mastic cracks it forms holes, allowing water to penetrate the roof, which was happening to this client.

We put a polyurethane sealant around the vent details, then we applied a self adhering granular cap sheet on top of that, and heat welded the seams. Combined with some new drip edge flashing, this roof will provide another 10-15 solid years of protection for this home owner, and the new home owner in the future.

If you’re in the South Western Ontario area and you’re in need of a flat roof repair or replacement, give us a shout!