Sunroom / Florida Room Flat Roof Replacement London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were in the North end of London Ontario, working at a beautiful residence. The client called us out as they have a sunroom that has a single ply flat roof on a wooden deck that we need to re-roof. 

The client has another roofing company coming out in a couple of weeks to install a new shingled roof on their home, so we’ve been called in ahead of time to get the flat roof section completed as there is a shingle tie in detail. It’s better to get the flat roof installed and bring the membrane up underneath the shingles to prevent any ice , snow and water build up from getting into the home.

Our project is to remove the entire 1 ply system down to the deck and install a new 2ply system, do the shingle transition tie in and install new metal flashing. 

There was good new for us, and not so great news for the home owner, as during the tear out the roof system came off so easily we could only conclude that there was little to no adhesive used to fasted the membrane to the wooden deck. The client has been very fortunate to have avoided any flat roof leaks over the years. But it was nice for the roofing crew to get a win during a tear out!

We removed about 4 rows of shingles, and after inspecting the wooden deck and finding no issues to fix, we primed the roof with adhesive, and let the adhesive flash to have a maximum effect (which the previous roofing company should have done). We then installed the peel and stick base sheet. This is the critical water proofing piece that seals the roof and protects it from liquid and moisture. Then the membrane that goes on provides further waterproofing and protection from the elements such as the sun.

The project turned out beautifully, it will provide proper protection for the clients sunroom, and will also be pleasant to look at now when looking out of their window. The client is going to have the flat roof painted which isn’t something we see a lot, but the benefit of painting the roof is that you get almost unlimited colours to choose from. 

The client was so thrilled by our work that he is going to have us come back and do his pool house, which is a great encouragement to our team to get that kind of feedback and trust.

If you’re a homeowner looking for work done on an old flat roof that needs replacing, or a flat roof leak that needs repairing, please reach out to our team!