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How To Tie In A Flat roof With A Shingle Roof

This latest project was in early December in Lambeth Ontario for a residential home that had an existing sloped or shingled roof that needed to tie into a new flat roof that we had created. This one took a lot of work, we had to clean off the snow and then melt the snow and get the roof dry so we could work on it! We had to remove 2 courses of shingles so that we could create the transition […]

Save money by doing one half of roof per season

This project is a little different than others we have done before. At Legacy Roofs, we are a family orientated company, and we know what it’s like to live on a tight budget. Something that we like to offer our clients as a way to save money yet still get quality work done is to have half of a roof done one season, and then save up to have the other half done. It’s a way we serve our clients […]

East London Ontario How to tie in flat roof and shingle roof

This week we were in the East end of London Ontario at a residential home. The client had a couple of issues that needed attention. One section of their shingled roof had been leaking, due to aged shingles, and a poor slope on their roof, which was causing piles of snow to sit on the roof, as well as have water freeze and lift the shingles. Another issue was that their flat roof section needed to be repaired and replaced, […]

Wallaceburg Flat Roof Repair Client Testimonial

This testimonial is from a project we did for this client here. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal – Serving all of SouthWestern Ontario: Lambeth, Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia, London, Woodstock, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Hamilton, Burlington, Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, Guelph, St. Thomas, Wallaceburg

Flat Roof Hole Repair North London Ontario

This project was in the North end of London. Our client had a spiral staircase that led up through a whole in his flat roof that he had removed, and now wanted to cover the hole before winter set in. Our job was to add a section of plywood over the new beams placed into the frame of the roof, put an inch of polystyrene down to bring the roof just slightly above the existing level of the roof to […]

Lambeth Flat & Shingled Roof Project

Today we had an interesting project, a mixture of two roofing types: shingled and flat roof. This was our largest project to date, we have 50 bundles of shingles and 1000 square feet of flat roof to install), and to make it even more challenging we were going to get it all done in one day, using some great productive methods that got the client the results they needed, with the same quality as a week long job. The client […]

Dundas Auto Repair London Ontario

We have been called in to a mechanic called Dundas Auto Repair in London Ontario for a flat roof repair. The client had been experiencing some roof leaks and so we were called it to get it fixed. This was a 12’x12′ section of roof that needed to be fixed, so we removed the stone, put down new sopbaboard, base sheet and cap sheet coupled with new flashing to reduce any water damage. An easy project but a necessary one […]

Pharmacy EPDM Roof System – Photos

This job was for a client who owns a pharmacy in downtown London Ontario. The client was experiencing all sorts of leaks in each of the four sections of roof in their building. We were asked to provide a quote keeping low costs in mind. Our recommendation was a EPDM system instead of a peel and stick like you normally see in our jobs. Doing this job saves the client a ton of money as we don’t have to remove […]

Tips & Tricks: Installing Metal Flashing on a Corner

This video shows you how to make the correct cuts to get a piece of metal flashing around a corner angle on a section of roof. First you must have the base sheet installed, then get a long section of flashing and cut out some triangle shaped pieces based on where you want the angle (see the video for more details). The flashing should be able to fold into itself based on the amount of space you cut out for […]

Clinton Commercial/Residential Project Photos

This latest project was for the owner of a 3 storey commercial/residential building who was having some issues with water leaking in through the old roof system. Our recommendation was to put sopaboard over the existing roof which would save the client a large sum of money, but still offer the same quality and water tight roof they were looking for. Check out the video of the project here. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal – Serving all of SouthWestern […]