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How to Tie In New Roof with Existing Roof

In this video we show you how to tie in an existing roof with a new roof to avoid any future leaks or issues, putting you back where you started. The roof I am working on in this project is a 4ply built up system with gravel on it. What you need to do is create a centerline, an area where the new roof is going to start. Chip away the existing gravel, exposing the stone underneath. If you don’t […]

Clinton Commercial/Residential Project

This latest project was for the owner of a 3 storey commercial/residential building who was having some issues with water leaking in through the old roof system. Our recommendation was to put sopaboard over the existing roof which would save the client a large sum of money, but still offer the same quality and water tight roof they were looking for. Check out photos of the project here, and what the client thought of our work here. Legacy Flat Roofing […]

Roofing Tips: How to Heat Weld Membrane Seams

Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal How To Video: Heat Welding Seams On a residential home it’s always best to avoid using torches or hot asphalt. So our main practice is to use a technique of using intense heat to weld seams together. To do this you need a leister gun, which blows hot air, and a 3 inch roller. And we use the heat and the roller to adhere to capsheet layers together. If you are doing this right […]

Bayfield Cottage New Flat Roof Installation

This project was for a cottage in Bayfield Ontario. The owner, who uses this for around two months out of the year came in and found his entire building flooded. The roof was taking in water in several areas, and we were called in to replace the roof. We came and found this roof was way past it’s life cycle. It was a 30′ x 30′ modified roof which was cracked and delaminated, the membrane was coming off. There had […]

Church Re-Roof: London Ontario (North End)

Our latest client is a congregation that just purchased a building in the North End of London, who were looking to get their flat roof leaks fixed before they went inside to finish the interior work during the winter. This job involved putting a new seal around a gondola that the congregation had put in, their request to us was to make it leak proof. We put in a half inch fibreboard, and tied it into the existing roof so […]

Dundas St Restaurant Project – Before & After Photos

This is a restaurant downtown London, Ontario. I will be repairing numerous flat roof areas. The client and I have been discussing several different repair/replace/recover options. Take a look at the work that needs to be done. Here are some photos of the construction process, and then the completed product. The client was very pleased with the results, and so was I. I love a neat and tidy project. Go here for the video of this project.

New Flat Roof Installation – St Marys

This was for a cement factory in St Marys. Just so you know, we don’t just do flat roofing and sheet metal in London Ontario, but we service all of SouthWestern Ontario.