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Mornington Roof Repair – Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal Cambridge Ontario

This job was based on a quote we had given a few months ago, you can see that video here. This flat roof area was covered in water and it was rapidly deteriorating. Water was getting in behind some flashing that was lined against the brick wall of the house and the client needed a quality water tight roof done fast. We cleaned up the roof, drained and dried it, installed sopaboard and a basesheet with some new drainage so […]

Church Re-Roof: London Ontario (North End)

Our latest client is a congregation that just purchased a building in the North End of London, who were looking to get their flat roof leaks fixed before they went inside to finish the interior work during the winter. This job involved putting a new seal around a gondola that the congregation had put in, their request to us was to make it leak proof. We put in a half inch fibreboard, and tied it into the existing roof so […]