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Jambalaya Client Testimonial – Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal South West Ontario

Hear what Kevin, owner of Jambalaya Restaurant ( had to say about the completed roof repair project we did on this home. You can view the project out here. His home was having leaks coming through his roof, they had tried many patches, the water was so bad that there were piles of drywall falling and they couldn’t do any work in their home. Now thanks to us they have a water tight roof again. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet […]

Goderich U Brew Project Client Testimonial

This job is a follow up to the quote we gave here. This building is a residential building on one side, and then a commercial business, a U Brew in Goderich Ontario. Check out the video of the project here. This building had a 2 tier roof system, this season we are going to work on the lower tier, and then perhaps in the next season we will do the higher tier. It is about a 1000sqft job, a 2 […]

Maple City Tire Roof Project Photos

We quoted a repair job on a 4 bay mechanic’s shop in East London (check out that video here). This job was a big one, but we were up for the challenge! We removed the existing roof, and installed a two play modified roofing system. After struggling for two years to get constant leaks under control, the owner now has a worry free quality roof, thanks to Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal. Check out the video of the project […]

Midas Building: New EPDM Flat Roof Installation

A few weeks ago on our video found HERE we quoted a brand new roof, and the client agreed to our quote. This was a 3-4 day project, around 40 squares, in the East End of London, and for this project we wanted to try a brand new system called EPDM, which is a Single Ply Membrane. To get to the new roof installation we had to remove the existing fibreboard and felt by cutting it out, and also a […]

Church Re-Roof: London Ontario (North End)

Our latest client is a congregation that just purchased a building in the North End of London, who were looking to get their flat roof leaks fixed before they went inside to finish the interior work during the winter. This job involved putting a new seal around a gondola that the congregation had put in, their request to us was to make it leak proof. We put in a half inch fibreboard, and tied it into the existing roof so […]