Trailer Home New Flat Roof Installation Bayfield Ontario

This week we are in Bayfield Ontario, working on the flat roof of a trailer home.

The nice thing about trailer homes is they are a fairly straightforward project when compared to most residential or commercial flat roofs we do installations and repairs on.

While we say that, there are always curveballs, as there are some venting details to navigate. On this trailer there are some pop outs which the client had requested we install a new flat roof over the top of. We had warned them before the project started that if we have to install the flat roof, the pop outs must remain extended and can no longer be changed.

Because its a trailer home we are going to use a peel and stick flat roof. This avoids using any fasteners and avoid anything that would penetrate the surface or the trailer home.

This trailer had a single ply PVC roof, and the client had called Legacy Flat Roofing out as they had been starting to see more and more leaks appear during wet weather and snow, and they wanted to protect their home. We began by very carefully sweeping off all debris, and cleaning the roof so it wasn’t contaminated by dirt and grit.

We then put down an adhesive primer, which was the red material you can see in the video. We apply this with a roller, and then let it flash (meaning we let the adhesive sit by itself for a while to activate properly).

We then put a peel and stick base sheet down. We had to work around the air conditioner and air circulation vents. We made sure to remove the cap around the vents so that we can roof underneath and around the vents as closely as we can, to ensure a completely watertight flat roof.

The peel and stick base sheet is a fantastic product, we had to leave the project for the day with just the base sheet installed. It rained overnight, but even then the roof was completely water tight, which shows you how effective the material is (and the workmanship) as the cap sheet wasn’t even installed yet.

We installed a 2ply modified bitumen system. In Canada we have extreme summers, and extreme winters, with a lot of contraction and expansion. We gravitate towards a 2ply mod bit system as it can handle both extremes very well.

You can see in the video the additional work we completed when it came to the trailer pop outs. We had to ensure that this section was waterproofed properly to protect the trailer from driving rain, ice damns, and all the tricks that water plays to get into a home. We installed a metal flashing once the base sheet was installed, then roofed over it with the new 2ply membrane.

We’re really proud of the way this trailer flat roof project went. If you’re in the SouthWestern Ontario area and need a new flat roof or flat roof repair, please contact us!