Twin Elms Strathroy Ontario Mobile Home Flat Roof Repair

This week we were out in Strathroy Ontario, at a local trailer park named Twin Elms.

We were called out to look at the flat roof of a mobile home. The owner has had some previous small repairs on their flat roof, but now they needed a new flat roof, so they called Legacy Flat Roofing to the rescue.

We began by inspecting the substrate, just to make sure we had a good foundation to build the new roof on. It was a flat metal pan roof, and it was in good condition, so we cleaned it, prepped it, and installed the base sheet onto the metal pan roof. We made sure to go around the vent details very carefully as there were a few on the mobile home.

Then we installed our metal flashing. We generally have two aims for installing metal flashing:

  1. It provides an architectural feature from the outside when viewing the home, giving it some curb appeal and cleanliness as we are able to install metal flashing in a variety of colours
  2. It gives the cap sheet something to adhere to, and allows water to flash off the roof

The trick with installing metal flashing on a trailer is that all trailers are framed with 2”x2” wood. So when installing metal flashing it’s very important to get the nails into the middle of the wood, to provide a secure adhesion to the trailer flat roof, so that when there are wind gusts or storms, the flashing remains intact and protects the roof.

Once the flashing was down, we primed the entire roof. Then we installed a 2 ply mod bit membrane cap sheet, we laid this down in a shingled fashion, so that when it rains, the water comes off the roof in a controlled manner. We then used poly bitumen urethane material around the vent stacks for a water tight seal.

And now this homeowner has a flat roof they can depend on for years to come!