West End London Ontario Flat Roof Leak Repair

This week we were in the West End of London Ontario, at a residential home. The client called us after getting some other flat roof quotes, as they were having issues with getting moisture in the garage below.

This is another situation where the client was told they need to replace the entire roof, however upon an inspection by our team, we could see that was false information, and only minor repairs are needed. The roof is in great condition, all we need to do is seal the laps on the roof seams. This will save this client thousands and thousands of dollars on flat roof replacement costs.

The roof had some ponding, so we are going to clear the roof of debris and water, and seal the laps of the existing mod bit membrane. To seal it we are going to use the all sand poly bitumen adhesive, which applies almost like a paint.

Seal it up and make sure there are no leaks, and extend the life of this roof for a few more years as it is in great condition. By looking at the roof we would guess between 6-10 years. The homeowner was given some pretty bad advice by the previous company that came in to provide a quote!

You can see we cleaned the area, got the water and leaves off of the roof, however the membrane was still wet, so we left it overnight to dry. In the roofing business you never want to work with a roofing system while its wet, typically the repairs you make will not hold.

What we did was apply a seal to the dry seems on day one, then circle back on day two to finish the rest. We use painters tape and a roller to apply the sealant over the seam, just so its nice an clean, and not sloppy looking (even though its mostly squirrels that will be able to see the roof, we like to take pride in our work!)

We added additional product on the areas of concern just to ensure a great seal, you can see in the video we applied the all sand poly bitumen sealant all over the one area where the ponding occurred, just to extra peace of mind.