Why It’s Important to only Hire a Professional Flat Roof Contractor

Hi Legacy Fans!

This week we were out in Central London Ontario, at a residential home. The client called us out as they have a walk out deck situated on top of their roof, and they asked Legacy Flat Roofing to come out and install a new flat roof system so they can then install a wood deck on top of so they can enjoy their backyard. They were also experiencing leaks on the old system, so it was time for it to go.

There was an existing older flat roof system already existing, but the homeowner wanted this removed so they can maximize the life of this system, as it is near impossible to maintain once the wood deck is installed. Normally we are able to roof over surfaces like this, however when we first came out on site, we could see that the old membrane could come up with just one hand, you can see in the video how brittle the old roof was.

Our project involves removing the old flat roof, cleaning the area, inspecting the wood deck substrate underneath to make sure there is no rotting wood or dampness, and to test that it is structurally sound enough to install a new flat roof and a deck.

One thing we wanted to highlight is how important it is to get a professional flat roofing company into do your flat roof project. We know we sound like a broken record in our videos, talking about some of the same tasks over and over again, such as how we use a primer adhesive for each step of our roof install. However you can see the importance of that process in this video with how easy it is for the old roof to be removed.

Remember cheap things give cheap results, so if a flat roof contractor pricing sounds too good to be true, chances are it is too good to be true! Your roof is so vital as it protects your home – always hire a trusted professional (like us!). The only benefit was regarding the poor quality of the previous install was for our team when it came to remove the roof.

So again, it’s broken record time. If a flat roofing company isn’t going to be using hot asphalt (which we don’t recommend when it comes to residential flat roof installations), a roll on adhesive primer should be used to make sure the waterproof membrane is firmly fixed to the flat roof. Another thing that is important is that the membrane is always installed up and underneath the flashing and other details, to make sure the flat roof is completely waterproof.

You can see the finished results in the video, we couldn’t film during one of the days as it was so hot we just needed to focus on the project. We’re pleased with the way it looks, the client won’t be able to see it when the deck is on it, but they will have 20 to 25 years of hassle free homeownership and enjoyment of this great outdoor space.